essential oils

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils in May of 2015 as I was seeking to eliminate toxins in my home and in my cleaning and personal care products. Little did I know I had found the magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! These oils have absolutely changed the way I do life!

How i got started

Becoming a Young Living wholesale member is the best place to begin. Purchasing your premium starter kit, including 12 of the most popular oils + a diffuser, Ningxia Red juice (magical antioxidants + super-food supplement) makes you eligible to purchase your oils at 24% off for life!


12 everyday oils

My favorites are Frankincense (rolled all over my face morning and night under my moisturizer for skin support!) + Valor (emotional confidence in a bottle) + Peppermint (for upset tummies + breathing support + clarity and focus)!


desert mist diffuser

This is one of my absolute must haves when diffusing oils! It has 11 different light settings/colors - my fa is the candle-flicker setting - plus it’s made of medical grade plastic = what you want in any diffuser so the oils do not break down plastics and then you breathe them in!